1. John K. Lai,  Architect, AIA, Little Rock, AR
    John K. Lai, Architect, AIA, Little Rock, AR
    The concept for a responsive architecture is found in its functionality and collaborative design process. We provide our clients with architecture which connects rational and collaborative design approach with an informed environmental and aesthetic sensibility.
  1. Federal /State
    LRAFB B350 LRAFB Clinic B1090 Ft Bragg Clinic Charette Proto Maintenance Hangar Federal/State Park Visitor Ctr State Hospital San Francisco Renovate Repurpose
  2. Commercial
    Shanghai Commercial Bank Broadway Garage Imagicast Tenant Improvement
  3. Residential
    Silvercrest Apartments Marriott Courtyard Hillsborough Residence
  4. Cultural
    St Mary's Chapel National Park Visitor Center
  5. Renovation
    Panorama Building LRAFB Facility Renovation LRAFB Medical Clinic

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