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project description

Federal Projects and Government Agencies​

B350 Little Rock Air Force Base facility damaged by tornado winds and repaired. Photos of before and after and construction documents serves to illustate our timeliness and the quality of restoration work, in support of the Base repair. 

B1090 Little Rock Air Force Base Clinic remodel. One can see that the original building lobby entrance bisected and pharmacy waiting area and brought guest directly into contact with the prescription counter and compromised patient privacy.  The redesigned lobby rerouted the entrance pathway, secured privacy, provide longer LEED required walkoff entry vestibule distance, benefitting patients and guest alike.

Finalist among three contenders, this Charette solution provided the core concept for the expansion and renovation of the Medical Clinic building at Ft Bragg.  Logistic consistency, refinement of the supplies distribution and storage nexus along the rear-of-the house, dramatic relocation of the pharmacy, focal and centrallized entry, and efficient consolidation and adjacencies for the other building administrative and clinical services, created the cornerstone for the development of the new design.  In the remarks from the review panel, as quoted "we don't want to see anything else" concluded the design charette phase. 

Conceptual prototype  design study for an advanced Cargo plane maintenance hangar. 

Design Development stage of State of California, OSHSPD, Laguna Honda Hospital  in San Francisco repurposing and adaptive reuse for a hospital facility that could no longer serve as patient care center. The Hospital conversion into a Distribution and Supply Center with Administrative Office, Conference center support facilities.