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Little Rock Air Force Base Clinic Remodel

This project examines the renovation of a Medical Clinic Building B1090 at the Little Rock Air Force Base. The front entrance of the building, lobby and first floor tenant spaces were extensively redesigned by our principal while then working for Cromwell Architect and Engineers. Not only at the front, but the entire floor area required careful phasing. The photo of the lobby and attached floor plan show the extent of the work that had to be coordinated to ensure that crucial medical departments remained in operation during construction. Phasing was paramount and carefully considered in the design in order to minimized interruptions to vital services. A concern that was not originally in the scope of work but uncovered during evidence based analysis, revealed an intrusive main entrance walkway was channelled through the Pharmacy waiting area.  The consequence of this on the Pharmacy operations was to jeopardize private consultations at the pick up counter. Our proposed design resolved the conflict by redirecting the entrance path onto a new vestibule, one that provided improved air filtration, and a longer walk-off length to meet new LEED guidelines for air quality control. Also this allowed augmenting reinforcements of the entrance storefront to meet updated Anti-Terrorism standards.

This project and the images presented here were produced while employed at Cromwell Architects Engineers, Little Rock, AR. All images are the sole property of Cromwell and are used here by permission.